Seven Spice Chai


Pack Size: 1kg or 200g

We fell in love with this chai for its flavour but also because of how easy it is to brew.

For a quick chai latte like we make in our cafe, simply dissolve a little in the bottom of your glass, and pour your silky latte milk straight over the top! Produces a lovely spice driven flavour profile, that is pleasantly sweet but not over the top.

A little note from our mate Craig, The Flavour Alchemist:

It was the allure of the original fabled Spice Islands that first brought Craig McKenzie to Sri Lanka. Since ancient times the unique terroir of this fertile island has been supplying the world with exotic spices. Sri Lanka is the only place in the world to experience two monsoons, which makes it the place of choice to grow superior spices, particularly the native cinnamon. After an enlightening time visiting and immersing in the local spice farms and culture, Craig brought some of this bounty home to share. The aim was to emulate the flavourful experience of getting a Chai from a street Chai Wallah with an exotic blend of the best spices, tea and Organic Jaggery Sugar. With minimally processed Jaggery – evaporated, unrefined, sugar cane juice, it retains all its delectable molasses flavours as well as its beneficial minerals and nutrients. The lovely high notes, depth and complexity of these remarkable, exquisite spices and no additives or fillers let this blend shine and show off what a remarkable, fecund, jewel of an island Sri Lanka is.

Close relationships with the spice growers are crucial to the quality and success of this Chai. To this end Grounded Pleasures give direct financial support to the development of the spice growing communities, including initiatives helping with organic certification. The best natural ingredients blended are just so, to make an enlivening and delicious drink. Please enjoy.

The Flavour Alchemist - Craig McKenzie

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