Seasonal Filter Blend Subscription


Our Seasonal Filter Blend, at your door without ever running out!

Select the desired weight and grind type of your coffee, and the frequency you want to receive it. It's as easy as that! This subscription will renew automatically.  Plus, by subscribing you're saving 10% off of our regular retail pricing. Neat!

Please note our Seasonal Filter Blend Subscription coffee will change throughout the year with the new releases of blends. This is a great way to experience some fantastic coffee, created by the Villino team! 

On occasion, we will revise our pricing on both our coffees and our freight options. In the event of any pricing update, you will be contacted and be given the option to cancel your subscription before any changes come into effect.

Current Components :

Ethiopia - Haru Suke, Washed Process
Peru - Finca El Eucalipto, Washed Process
Ethiopia - Cerise, Natural Process

A Fruity and Floral adventure that is sure to leave you wanting another cup! This coffee blends a beautiful washed Ethiopian that provides the floral aroma and stone-fruit body, a natural Ethiopian with punchy cherry sweetness, and a stunning Peruvian microlot that provides the acid and balance to finish out the blend.

Flavour Notes :  Apricot Jam, Cherry, Blossom

Roast Level : Filter Profile

What our Baristas say : Roasted lighter to preserve and highlight each coffee's unique natural acidity and sweetness. Perfect for brew methods such as pour-over, aeropress and plunger. Expect a sweet and delicate brew, with refined acidity.

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