Seasonal Filter Blend #6


Current Components :

Brazil Caldas Royale, Natural
Ethiopia Guji Masina, Washed

The sixth release from our Seasonal Filter Blend project. We’ve combined a natural Caldas Royale from Brazil and a washed Guji Masina from Ethiopia to create a harmonious blend. With a balanced flavour profile, notes of spiced apple crumble and a long, sweet finish, it's our go-to blend for filter brewing.

Region  :  Pocos De Caldas (Brazil) | Masina village, Guji (Ethiopia)
Varietal  :  Various
Process  :  Natural | Washed

Flavour Notes : Cherry, Apple Crumble, Floral

Roast Level : Filter Profile

What our Baristas say : Roasted lighter to preserve and highlight each coffee's unique natural acidity and sweetness. Perfect for brew methods such as pour-over, aeropress and plunger. Expect a sweet and delicate brew, with refined acidity.

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