Autumn Blend

$18.00 - $62.00

The leaves beginning to turn, and the air growing crisp herald the return of our beloved Autumn Blend! Whether you're wrapping your hands around a steaming mug on a chilly morning with a hot-cross bun breakfast, or enjoying an afternoon break amidst the autumnal foliage this coffee is the perfect companion.

The Nicaraguan El Arbol lot brings rich apricot flavour and a malty finish, while the El Penol from Colombia cuts through with fresh and bright blackcurrant notes. Beautiful paired with milk to create a very fruit-forward beverage, or for those who like a punchy long black with plenty of funk.

The label artwork draws inspiration from our seasonal southern home, featuring an Eastern Barred Bandicoot (who we think looks like a pretty stellar native easter bunny stand in), and Tasmania's only deciduous tree species, Fagus. Illustrated by local artist and Villino team member, Tilly Thorne.

Current Blend Components:

Colombia El Penol - Washed
Nicaragua - Superatural

Flavour Notes : Ripe Apricot, Malt, Blackcurrant

Roast Level : Blend Espresso Profile

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