Kenya Kainamui

$24.00 - $86.00

This coffee comes from the Kainamui processing facility on the slopes of Mt Kenya, in Kenya’s agriculturally rich Central Province. Kainamui processes coffee from 1800 small farms, who each have around 200 coffee trees grown in the rich volcanic soil of the area. 

This coffee is an AA Grade in the Kenyan classification system, meaning it's been sorted to the largest sized bean available. Cherries are processed in the traditional method. The beans are de-pupled and fermented for 16-20 hours before being washed and sorted, and then soaked for a further 24 hours, and dried for up to 15 days.

Region   :  Gichugu, Kirinyaga
Varietal  :  SL28, SL34
Process  :  Washed

Flavour Notes : Black Currant, Vanilla, Peach

Roast Level : Single Origin Espresso Profile 

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