Indonesia Kerinci Gunung Tujuh - Anaerobic

$22.00 - $76.00

This coffee is produced by the Koerintji Barokah Bersama Cooperative. With this Anaerobic Honey lot, the coffee is floated and separated by density, before being laid on raised beds, where the ripe cherries are collected and sealed in airtight 20kg bags, that are stored in a cool location for 7 days. After 7 days, the cherries are pulped and laid out on raised beds to dry for around 20 to 23 days.

Fascinated by different processing methods? Try side by side with our other Indonesia Coffee. This is the same coffee, from the same Co-op, processed using the Honey processing Method instead.

Region   : Kerinci, Sumatra
Varietal  :  Andung Sari, Sigarar Utang
Process  :  Honey Anaerobic

Flavour Notes : Berry, Orange, Concord Grape

Roast Level : Single Origin Espresso Profile

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