Ecuador Finca Terrazas del Pisque

$25.00 - $89.00

Finca Terrazas del Pisque is Arnaud Causse’s second and more experimental farm, located on the slopes of the Andes mountain range  in an arid, desert climate. This area is not traditionally used for growing coffee, but Arnaud planted a new, mixed forest of citrus, avocados, eucalyptus and flowers, to create a suitable microclimate for growing coffee.  This anaerobic lot was sealed and fermented, before being placed on raised beds and finished using the natural drying process.

Region   : Pichincha
Varietal  :  Pacamara
Process  :  Anaerobic Natural

Flavour Notes : Jammy, Baked Fruits, Berry

Roast Level : Single Origin Espresso Profile

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