Colombia La Loma

$26.00 - $94.00

Rodrigo Sanchez Valencia is the owner of several farms in the Huila region of Colombia, including Finca La Loma which produced this lot. At La Loma, Rodrigo created an experimental program, acquiring unique varietals and trialling new processing methods. For this CM lot, Cherries are placed in stainless steel barrels to ferment in a Co2 rich environment, before being pulped, washed, and dried. 

The use of the Caturra Bourbon Varietal combined with the CM process results in a coffee with a unique and complex flavour profile. The attention to detail in each step of the processing, from cherry selection to drying and storage, highlights Rodrigo's commitment to producing high-quality coffee with distinct flavours. This level of dedication is a testament to his expertise as a coffee producer, and his willingness to explore innovative processing methods to bring out the best in his coffee beans.

Region   : Huila
Varietal  : Caturra, Bourbon
Process  :  Carbonic Maceration Washed

Flavour Notes : Ribena, Citrus, Melon

Roast Level : Single Origin Espresso Profile 

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