Colombia La Divisa

$26.00 - $94.00

This lot is made up of the rare Pink Bourbon varietal, a natural hybrid of yellow and red Bourbon coffees. The Pink Bourbon is less susceptible to leaf rust, and can present vibrant flavours ranging from wild fruits to candy sweetness. 

This lot is naturally processed using the carbonic maceration method, a technique borrowed from wine making. Whole cherries undergo a 42 hour fermentation in C02 tanks before drying. Naturally occurring bacteria break down the skin and fruit of the cherries, producing lactic acid. Through this process, the coffee takes on a heavy body, with a syrupy winey sweetness

Region   : Circasia, Quindio
Varietal  :  Pink Bourbon
Process :  Carbonic Maceration

Flavour Notes: Cherry, Chocolate, Winey

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