Burundi Butegana

$24.00 - $86.00

This coffee showcases the distinctive Red Bourbon varietal, processed naturally, and boasting a yellow appearance before roasting. With historical significance as Burundi's first washing station established in 1972, 'Butegana' holds its name  - translating to "place of attack" - from a historical clash between Rwandan and Burundian troops. The station serves around 3700 local coffee farmers across 24 neighbouring areas, each owning less than half a hectare of land. These smallholders cultivate about 200 coffee trees on average, yielding roughly one and a half kilos of coffee per tree.

Throughout the harvest season, Butegana processes over 1250 tonnes of coffee cherries. These cherries undergo drying on raised beds for around 10-14 days, depending on favourable weather conditions. Diligent monitoring ensures optimal moisture levels, coupled with meticulous hand sorting to eliminate any visual defects. The station emphasises the implementation of Good Agricultural Practices (G.A.P), aiding farmers in various aspects of cultivation - encompassing farm management, tree pruning, and addressing climate change impacts. Notably, financial literacy training is also extended, encouraging small loans for expanding personal businesses.

Region   : Kayanza
Varietal  :  Red Bourbon
Process  :  Natural

Flavour Notes : Ripe Cherry, Molasses, Red Wine

Roast Level : Single Origin Espresso Profile

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